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Mele, song accompanying hula, is a kind of wholesome and healthy life type. The name and culture of Mele Corp are relevant with this music type. Below we introcuce the origin of Mele Corp's name and culture.
The Origin of the Name of Mele Corp

Hawaii is of attractive natural environment and climate. Hawaii's terrain is rugged in general, however there are many beautiful beach there, from white to black beach and other color beach. From low-lying desert to majestic mountains and escarpment, from arid volcano to tropic rain forest, biggest active volcanoes and biggest extinct volcano in the world, measured from its base at the sea floor, to its highest peak, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world (4,205 m), even taller than Mount Everest, whatever scenery you want to see, they will all be fascinating to you.

Aulthough locate in tropic, but thank for the steady and cool breezes brought from the northeast that sweep through the islands, the climate of Hawaii is very comfortable throughout the year. Tradewinds are generally steady during the summer months and a bit weaker and inconsistent in winter. The average temperature in the islands is about 26.6 C, dropping to about 23.8 C, during the winter months with a 5.5 C cool-down after the sun disappears. Summer highs average about 29.4 C and winter highs about 25.5 C. June and July are generally the driest months for all islands. But even in Hawaii’s winter months, rain and cloud cover are very intermittent and you should get ample time in the sun.
Hawaii is one of the greenest places on Earth thanks to the life-giving rains. Every day, it rains somewhere on the islands and it is common to see light rainfall while the sun is shining brightly, rainbows are abundant in the islands and can be seen frequently accompanying light misting rain.

Hawaii is isolated island, and the distance to nearest continent is more than 4000 kilometers, Hawaii boasts 11 of the 13 climate zones in the world, each with unique ecosystems and weather characteristics. Factors such as elevation, pressure variations, rainfall, wind and topography combine to create distinctive locations throughout the islands, so many Hawaiian species are diffent from other place in the world, more than 90% species here are particular.

Each of the Hawaiian Islands is home to the four primary climates of desert, tropical rainforest, temperate and tundra climates, so no matter where you stay, you'll have the opportunity to experience the amazing natural diversity present here.

Hawaii have pleasant mild climate year-round, beautiful scenery, warm ocean and gentle breezes, so Hawaiian residents or visitors all enjoy their life here. The temperatures never be too hot or too cold, but always “just right.” You can see pure blue sky, moved clouds, or enjoy sun bath on the beach sands, or stroll along the beach in the evening to see lantern and flambeau flicker in the forest.

If you like sport, you can go to swim in the warm ocean water, depending on the time of year, sea surface temperature surrounding the coast may range from 22.7 to 26.6 C degrees, that’s a comfortable swim! If you like surf, Hawaii is a surfer's paradise, with some of the biggest waves and cleanest barrels in the world. The North Shore of Oahu is home to the sport's most popular pro contest, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, held annually in November and December. Check the daily surf reports to find out which part of the island boasts the best waves. Or to experience snuba or to fish or just walk on the beach while wiring bikinis, tank tops and shorts.

Many different race peaple live in Havaii, so the culture here are syncretic, of coure include food culture. You can taste many different foods here while not go far away.

The peaple here are warmhearted and hospitable, this profit from the syncretic culture. The representative and the soul of this culture is hula.

Hula is a dance began in Hawaii as a sacred ritual. Everyone knows what is hula but very few people know its origin, not even the Hawaiians. No one knows exactly who performed hula for the first time and what the purpose was. However, Hawaiians agree that Kala entertain the goddess Pele performed hula which makes it sacred to Hawaiians. Some believe the hula was only danced by men, but legend and historical sources tells us both men and women danced. Hawaiian hula is unique and totally different from other Polynesian dances. Although it began as a form of worship during religious ceremonies, it gradually evolved into a form of entertainment, into an art form, and into a type of live.

Hula is performed in synch and all individuals performing the hula consider themselves as one. It's a meaningful dance and every stance represents something. While performing hula, individuals may intimate any object such as tree, wars, animals etc. More important is the story which is narrated with the dance. Hula dancers wear a costume to perform the hula dance. Costume has leis made of flowers. A grass skirt is also used with anklets made of dog teeth or whale bone.

Hula is an expression of history, religion and the human spirit. It is a active, positive power, inspire the dancer and spectator's heart, body and soul, and then purify their soul, find out their headspring of vitality, honesty and creativity. Studying hula can excitated learner's love and pity﹙aloha﹚, respect﹙mahalo﹚, honesty﹙kupono﹚, responsibility﹙kuleana﹚, care and help﹙malama and kokua﹚,humility﹙ha`aha`a﹚,humor﹙hu`eu﹚, and power(malu﹚, endurance﹙honui﹚, wisdom﹙mahao`o﹚, empressement﹙`oia`i`o﹚. Besides training limbs, studying hula can promote learner's thinking, feeling and spirit.

The major idea of hula is to inspire and please, awaken and attact, enjoy and service. Show fervor, movement, beauty, nature, and romantic. Image in the fragrance of jasmine bloomed in the night, accompanied with steel guitar or ukulele serenade, the dancers wave their body till to daybreak, can you feel that kind of romance and passion.

Hula kahiko (old style) is performed in traditional costume to accompanying chanting (oli) and percussion only. Hula auana (modern style) is accompanied by songs (Mele), ukuleles, guitars, and other instruments with dancers in imaginative costumes. Music is the core in the dance, it is the top palace of human's spirit world, it was an angel to edify peaple's soul.

By hula accompanied music, we can understand, enjoy and appreciate human's love and pity, respect, honesty, responsibility, care and help, humility, humor, and power, endurance, wisdom, empressement. The founder of Mele Corp revere the caritative culture come from the comfortable natural and climate environment, so name the company to be Mele(song accompanying hula). Means Mele Corp will follow this caritative culture.

The Color and Logo of Mele Corp

Sun is over ninety nine percent energy source of the life on the earth, no sun means no flourishing life on the earth. The color of sunlight in outer space is white, cause was reflected blue light by atmosphere on the earth, so the sunlight on the earth is bright orange in color, and the sky is blue. The founder of Mele Corp revere the source of life energy, so select the sunlight color on the earth as Mele's color, sky blue as Mele's subsidiary color.

The Mele's logo combine of the alto clef, stave and a circle, and it's color is Mele's color-bright orange. Circle represent the sun, curlycue C is alto clef, like a thwart M, represent Mele's M, a overstriking line of the stave combine with bar line to be L, represent Mele's L. The whole logo imply that sunlit Mele Corp bring sunlight music life.