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Maintenance Tips
Maintenance Tips about using electronic musical instruments
Like using other electronic audio device, correctly operating electronic musical instruments will delay the life period of it, and decrease the rate of meeting trouble.

1 Setting placement
When you buy a new big musical instrument, the first thing is to find a place to set it. The place should be keep distance to other eletric appliance, for exsample: TV set, radio, sound box, to avoid disturbing each other. Avoid exposing it to rain or near water, heater or on aisle, and do not expose it to dust, vibration cold or very hot condition, or place heavy objects on it.

2 Assembling
Some devices need to be assembled and then to use it, for example you should assemble the stand and body to use home digital piano, and need to connect pedal cord, power cord. It's better to ask professional person to assemble it, if you want assemble it youself, firstly please refer to the assemle instruction, and then to start.
Keep the device stable to avoid tumple. Device should be connected to a request power supply write in user's manual. Do not connect it to over voltage power supply, thus will demage the device.
When connect the device to other appliance or connect padal cord, midi cord, or microphone please close all power in advance, after the connection is finished, then to switch on the power. If you use headphone, it's better to swith off the power prior to plug on or pull off the headphone, or not the static electricity on your body maybe demage the device.􀁥􀀠􀁰
When need to pull off the power cord or pedal cord, be sure to hold the switch£¬not to pull the cord.

3 Usage
It is better to turn the volume to minmum before turning on or turn  off the power to delay the usage life period. And do not hit or stress buttons and keys to avoide to damage them.
Avoid conductor things like coin or lead fall into device. If fall to keyboard PCB maybe result in some keys without sound, fall to amplifier or CPU maybe completely damage the device
Avoid place drinksoft on the device, water maybe flow into the device and result in shortage. And hot cup can make mark on it.􀁁􀁶􀁯
Please take out batteries if you do not use this device for long period or the batteried are exhansted.

4 Maintenance
Please clean your piano with soft dry cloth. Don't use benzene or thinner for cleaning.􀁥
Ofen to check if the power supply is normal. If need to change the fuse, be sure to remove the  power cord from the piano, and must use the same type fuse as the original.
Do not excessively twist or bend the power cord, do not wind other thing on the cord to avoid to damage the cord.

5 Other aspects should be noticed
Don't try to open and repair the device without any technician's guide. Immediately turn the power off, remove the power cord from the device, and search for help from your loacal retailer in case of the following state:􀁤
The power-supply cord, or the plug has been damaged, if smoke or unusual odor occurs, objects have fallen  into, or liquid has been pilled onto the device.
Pull out the switch to save power if  you don't use your piano for a longtime􀁧