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Frequently Asked Questions
Before buying or during using Mele product, some consumer maybe have some questions or meet some problems. Below answers cover some frequently questions asked by consumer.

1 Why the unit have no display and act.
Answer: please check if the unit connect to the power, and if the plug, socket, and cord are good. Try to use other plug, socket, if still could not resolve the problem, please search for technical service.

2 When power is on, display id good, bu no sound is heared when pressed any keys or chord zone keys.
Answer: 1)If the earphone is connected, or something in earphone socket.
          2)Check if the main volume was set to minimum.

3 Digital pinao display and function are well, but the speaker have no sound or sound not well.
Answer: Check the main volume, if we can hear "sha sha" from speaker when we adjuct the volume, that mean the volume pertenciameter do not work well, please replace it or clean it.

4 Sound is anamorphic or spiccato, evenly the unit stop to work.
Answer: Maybe use wrong power supply voltage, please check the power voltage. Or use different adapter from original specification.

5 Different timbre in the same tone.
Answer: This is in  normal condition. This is because the different tone is selected, some real musical instrument's diapason are not wide like piano.

6 Some function button do not work.
Answer: Check user's manual, if the buttons have no function in your selected mode.

7 The padal of digital piano do not work.
Answer: Check if the padal cord had been connected, and check if it was connected well.

8 Some keys of digital piano looks good, but can not press it down, and have no sound.
Answer: Maybe something like coin, pencil, screw fall into gaps between the keys and the keyboard PCB. Try to incline the piano, let the small thing get out. If the problem could not be resolved,  please search for technical service.

9 Sound of some alt keys seams louder than others.
Answer: It is normal, peaple's feel about sound in different frequency id different, most peaple feel that sound around 6800HZ is louder than other frequency sound.

Generally consume can judge above questions and relove them.